Aliens and Zombies and Alexis Bledel! Oh my!

I was playing an adventure game and talking about it with my friend, Rana. I get transported into the game. It looked like a spaceship. Someone was fighting off an alien monster in the next room and I was trying to find clues like an adventure game. I opened cabinets and drawers and took out letters and keys. The other guy killed the monster and we looked around and found a secret room with a hatch on the floor.

Down the hatch we found a communication chair that would let us contact help to get us off the alien spaceship. We went back up to find other survivors. The room looked like a supermarket. We saw a lot of people, but most of them seemed to be zombies that would attack us if we went close. We found 1 or 2 people who weren’t zombies, grabbed some new clothes, and ran back down into the hatch.

Connected to the communication room was a window to what looked like an interrogation room. Inside I saw a few random people and Alexis Bledel. I went up to the window to try to get her out, but she tells me it’s impossible. We had a short conversation and I tell her it was nice meeting her. I went back to the communication chair and got help.

I was transported to an earth spaceship heading for earth. I was walking around when an alien beam froze everyone in sight, including me.

A few details of this dream were left out because I forgot them when I woke up or I thought that including them would just make me ramble on more than needed.

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