Sleep Paralysis

Last night was my most memorable sleep paralysis incident.
I woke up and couldn’t move. My eyes were not fully open. I felt like I was still half asleep.
To my left was a big man kind of like a homeless man with ten layers of clothing. My eyes adjusted slightly and the man turned back into the clothes I hung on the closet door.
Everything had a haze around it. It was like the room was getting ready to burn.
I tried to yell. Nothing came out, except a quiet yelp.
I was a little scared, but I also knew what was happening. In between attempts to yell I reassured myself this was just sleep paralysis.
Like waking up from a lucid dream, I tried snapping myself out of the dream state. After a few tries it worked and I was in control of my body again.

Aliens and Zombies and Alexis Bledel! Oh my!

I was playing an adventure game and talking about it with my friend, Rana. I get transported into the game. It looked like a spaceship. Someone was fighting off an alien monster in the next room and I was trying to find clues like an adventure game. I opened cabinets and drawers and took out letters and keys. The other guy killed the monster and we looked around and found a secret room with a hatch on the floor.

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