Bento Box

I ate two of the Shumai before taking the picture.

Aliens and Zombies and Alexis Bledel! Oh my!

I was playing an adventure game and talking about it with my friend, Rana. I get transported into the game. It looked like a spaceship. Someone was fighting off an alien monster in the next room and I was trying to find clues like an adventure game. I opened cabinets and drawers and took out letters and keys. The other guy killed the monster and we looked around and found a secret room with a hatch on the floor.

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Computer Problems – Freezes When Playing Games

I have a really old computer. I was using a Radeon 9800 video card and Wrath of the Lich King was coming out and said It would need a better video card to play it. Being impatient, I decided to get the best AGP video card I could instead of saving up for a brand new multi core PC. I decided on a Radeon HD3860 AGP that I got off eBay for a low price (for this card at least). Continue reading

So I got a new domain name. No more It didn’t really mean anything and putting i in front of a word is so played out. So I’m back with A reference to soda like Sprite and 7Up.

Flight Control

I was playing around with the iTunes app store on my iPod Touch and purchased Flight Control by accident. I had 1-touch purchases turned on and was only trying to see if there was a separate screen to add a credit card to my iTunes account. Apparently I already had my PayPal account linked and it was charged right away. It is a great game and at $0.99 it’s at a great price point. If anyone has an iPhone or iPod Touch they should really check out this game.

Modifying Now Reading

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Since I had to start over I installed one of my favorite WordPress plugins: Now Reading. The layout was messed up when you went to the full library for any theme I used other than the default. I had this problem even before I started over, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it back then. The sidebar would be in the correct column, but pushed down and start where the library content ended.  I went through the code much more closely this time and finally figured it out.

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Hello world!

Wow. So after my web host got hacked and lost everything, the data center they were using screwed up and they had to transfer everything to data center with another company. I hope everything will stablize now and no more bad things happen.

I don’t have any recent backups so I’m just going to start fresh.