Scammers on Craigslist

So I’ve been trying to sell a smartphone on Craigslist. After a few days I finally got a text message from someone interested in buying it.
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My eBay Dispute Situation

In February 2011 I was helping my dad sell off some of his audio equipment. On February 18 one of those items sold to someone in Korea even though I set the listing to show shipping in USA only. Being lazy I told the winning buyer I would ship it to him if he sent me the extra shipping cost. He paid me via PayPal the next day. I gave my dad the address and he packaged the item and shipped it out that Tuesday, February 22, via USPS International Priority. Since the buyer did not pay for the extra cost of tracking I forgot to tell my dad to add it on. On March 14 I got a message from the buyer that his item had not arrived. I let him know that I shipped it out February 22. A few days later on March 21 he sends me another message asking for more information since it still had not arrived and then filed a dispute on eBay saying he did not receive the item.
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Flight Control

I was playing around with the iTunes app store on my iPod Touch and purchased Flight Control by accident. I had 1-touch purchases turned on and was only trying to see if there was a separate screen to add a credit card to my iTunes account. Apparently I already had my PayPal account linked and it was charged right away. It is a great game and at $0.99 it’s at a great price point. If anyone has an iPhone or iPod Touch they should really check out this game.